Nhà Sản phẩmLaser Fractional Erbium

Fractional Erbium Glass Laser

Fractional Erbium Glass Laser

Fractional Erbium Glass Laser

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Chứng nhận: Medical CE&ISO
Type: Laser
Laser Type: Er:glass
Q-Switch: No
Style: Stationary
color: white
Laser type: 1550nm Er:Glass Laser
Energy: 1-12J
Frequency: 1HZ,2HZ
Density: 100 or 300 spots/cm2
Handpiece tip: 10mm(100 microbeams per cm2) and 15mm(322 microbeams per cm2)
Display: 8.4inch,12inch,15inch color touch screen
Weight: about 50kg

Thanh toán:

Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Piece/Pieces negotiable
Packaging Details: Aluminum box plus thick sponge.
Delivery Time: after 10 days
Payment Terms: T/T
Supply Ability: 2000 Piece/Pieces per Month negotiable
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Chi tiết sản phẩm

Fractional Erbium Glass Laser
1.Wrinkle reduction
2.Scar and acne scar treatment
3.Skin tightening
4.Pore size shrink

Fractional Erbium Glass Laser


1550nm erbium glass laser uses the dot lens array. Its laser beam strongly absorbed by water, the beam pass through the out layer skin, and wounds the underlying collagen, it undamaged cells immediately move into the microscopically damaged area and healed the wounded area. Micro leans array is better focusing into skin, 1550nm Erbium: glass laser is adopted for the same purpose of the narrow a deep mtzs'.It results in the maximum efficacy of the treatment. The erbium: glass laser tends to be rather focused into the deep hole without being dissipated by the skin surface, for the long term effects with less down time,Erbuim:glass is best of choice of the laser source of the fractional system.


Wrinkle reduction

Photo damage

Scar and acne scar treatment

Skin tightening

Pore size shrink and pigmentation removal

System Specification

Laser Type: 1550nm Er:Glass Laser

Operation Mode : Static

Energy: 1-12J

Frequency: 1Hz, 2Hz

Density: 100 or 300 Spots/cm2

Hand piece Tip: 10mm(100 micro beams per cm2) and 15mm(322 micro beams per cm2)

Actuator: Foot pedal

Display: 12.1 inch or 15 inch etc. touch screen

Power input: AC 220V

Current input: 10A

Option: Resurfacing Handpiece

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